Salary 11000
City Shanghai

English Content Operations Specialist

Job Description
  • ·     
    Responsible for translation projects (ZH-EN) of
    the internationalization program
  • ·     
    Control translation quality through efficient
    communication and effective processes, and ensure all works conform to local
    culture of the target market
  • ·     
    Devise plans and procedures to optimize program
    gains through analyzing target market and user needs
  • ·     
    Promptly respond to market performance and
    business data, and adjust operation strategies accordingly so as to facilitate
    business goal-achieving of the target market
  • Job Requirement

  • ·     
    Have 2 years or above Professional Chinese to English - preference Experience.
  • ·     
    Preference Experience in Online Business Content Management or the Operations of Preferred IS.
  • ·     
    English with Native Speaker Proficient Chinese Listening, Chinese CAN BE AT Least Working Language.
  • ·      
    Excellent Communication Skills; Ability to Coordinate Efforts and Rally; Self-Motivation to Implement Plans

  • Benefits:

  • ·     
    Good Medical Insurance
  • ·     
    Meal allowance
  • ·     
    Work VISA

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